Stress Management.

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Stress is tension building up inside a person due to the pressure from social, emotional, economical, physiological, psychological and other related factors.

Stress = Expectations – Reality.

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Types of stress:

  • Childhood stress.
  • Adolescence stress.
  • Adulthood stress.
  • School stress.
  • College stress.
  • Examination stress.
  • Work stress.
  • Relationship stress.
  • Family stress.

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Stress begins with invading people’s inner peace and finally kills them.

Here’s how to deal with stress:

1) Decrease the items on your to do list.images (14)-3

2) Talk to others about your stress and ask for possible solutions.images (18)-1

3) Try to maintain a work balance.images (19)-1

4) Count your number of Blessings.60562450-stressmanagement-1

5) Accept that it’s OK to make mistakes.

6) Exhale negativity and Inhale positivity.FB_IMG_1491742229483-1

7) If not today, Tomorrow is also an option.FB_IMG_1491742237542-1

8) A positive attitude and healthy mindset makes alot of difference in life.unnamed (11)-1

9) Desserts and chocolates help alot.images (16)-1

10) Meditation, exercise, music and your hobby helps you calm down.Screenshot_2017-04-09-18-25-54-1

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Stress is NOT what HAPPENS to us, it’s how we RESPOND to things. It depends on people. Stress can create a MESS or bring out the BEST. So, give your BEST and forget the REST.


Life speaks!

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People say, life isn’t easy? That may be because life speaks in 3 languages. It is a stern boss which takes control over one.

There are days LIFE will tell you:

1) Shhh: Shut up, it’s just not your day to speak.

2) Almost: Listen and nod your head.

3) Now you may speak: Well, today is your day to speak and rule the world.

In Life, everyone goes through all the 3 days. From shhh…it’s not your day, to now you may speak, one TRANSFORMS for the BEST. LIFE SPEAKS till one learns to speak for oneself.

Time Factor.

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19th April, 2017: TEAM 10 posted their blog posts at the same time. TEAM 10 included 10 bloggers from all around the world. Despite time zones and different country timings, we did it.

Here’s how we, TEAM 10 managed to post at the same time:

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Well, we did that by following the world clock and by eliminating the TIME FACTOR. TEAM 10 smartly chose a time when everyone would be awake, be it A.M. or P.M. timings to post their blogs.


People always complain about being busy, not having enough time. If we, TEAM 10 can post our blogs at the same time despite the time variation, so people do you still complain to have no time?


It’s NEVER about NOT having TIME or any TIME FACTOR. It’s ALWAYS about one’s WISH and EFFORT to MAKE TIME. There’s always TIME, if only one tries. Time is priceless, utilise it properly.

Found via Loss!

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The word loss, is not new. It’s a part of human life. As one grows up, one loses one’s temporary teeth for permanent teeth. One loses fake friends to get real ones. Earth loses souls to get newer ones. Loss is inevitable, what matters is how we deal with it.

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As decided by TEAM 10, here’s my experience of LOSS.


Well, a few months back, i lost my phone in college. After searching for an hour or so, i finally found it. When i reached home, all of a sudden i got an email welcoming me on their site. I lost my phone only to find a fake account created in my name.

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I found 15 profiles in my name, i read them all. I found the fake profile referring to me as topper and author. “Topper” and “author”, confirmed it was created by some irritating college friends. After alot of hardwork, i got the profile deleted.

Author and me? Initially, i laughed hard at the thought of it, but my inner voice said, “give it a try, may be it’s God’s indication for you to write.” I finally made up my mind and started writing on wordpress.


The LOSS of my phone FOUND the AUTHOR in me. I’m not a great Author but atleast i’m following my PASSION, that’s what is important in LIFE. Today, my blog has helped me get quite many readers, followers and amazing friends like TEAM 10.

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In Life, you Lose one thing only to Find another thing which is much better.

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Accept LOSS as a PART of LIFE. Loss is a way to FIND yourself. Once you have Nothing to LOSE, you have every CHANCE to FIND things. So, DON’T be afraid to LOSE. If you Lose things but FIND Yourself, then is it really a LOSS? Think.

May GOD give everyone STRENGTH to overcome every kind of LOSS.

TEAM 10.


There is a saying, if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. That’s the reason why we, bloggers joined hands to be a part of this collaboration. We are working as TEAM 10.

As TEAM 10, we’ll write on a common theme and in our unique way we’ll share our thoughts on that theme. We are doing this for a day and hopefully we’ll do it again. Here’s the theme of collaboration for a purpose:


Let me introduce you to our TEAM10:images (13)-2


2) Tajwarr

3) Jothish

4) Altea

5) Addison

6) Ajibola

7) Barb


9) Jane

10) Sadaf (Me)

TEAM 10 is all geared up to write and share their thoughts on LOSS. So, people gear up to read 10 unique versions of the same theme. Our BLOGS are just a click away. Happy Reading!

Cricket Rules.

IMG-20170415-WA0006The thing i like about cricket, is its rules. Cricket Rules are applicable even in real life. These simple rules guide us in life. Read further to know.

Here’s, how Cricket Rules apply in life:


1) Sometimes you get more than what you deserve, like sixes or you get what you deserve, like fours.

2) Sometimes you only survive with 1-2 runs or you don’t get anything and have to wait for runs.


3) In life, good players and their good performance invites opponents. One must learn to handle competition in a positive way.


4) Good teams and great partnerships always win. One can’t always win alone. So, try to develop cooperation skills.


5) Sometimes one wins, sometimes one learns to get better. At times it’s OK not to win. Failures do lead to success.


Keep CALM and PLAY the cricket life. Follow these cricket rules carefully and win in life. Learn to ENJOY while following the rules. Cricket Rules really RULES Life.

Lose Weight!

images (11)-1Advertisements show various ways to lose weight. It blindfolds people to buy green tea and what not, as celebrities are seen endorsing them. At times, there isn’t even a link between advertisement and the product.

images (12)The ONLY fastest way to LOSE Weight is to make others GAIN Weight. Eat and make others Eat as well. This way, you automatically turn THIN.

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The question is WHY do you want to LOSE Weight? If it is to look like a celebrity then it’s USELESS. If because of health issues and OBESITY then READ this Further.


The BEST Way to LOSE Weight is the NATURAL Way but it will take longer time to burn the extra fat. YOU need to go easy on carbohydrates and fats. Take LEAN Meat. It’s best to go GREEN and include fruits, nuts, vegetables etc.


FOLLOW the above BALANCED DIET and turn thin. The NATURAL Way requires TIME and PATIENCE but it’ll serve the purpose and you’ll surely LOSE Weight.