Human Magnetism.


There is an M.C.Q. in science books, Are humans magnetic? Ans) Yes, because they have iron in their body and iron attracts magnets. 


The principles of magnetism may work for humans as well. Let’s term this as human magnetism.

Here’s, how human magnetism works:

Humans just like magnets have pre-determined polarities (ideas/mentality). Same poles repel and opposite poles attract in magnets. But, this varies from person to person in human magnetism.


1) Repulsion: There may be people (boss, teacher, colleague, classmate, roomate) whose ideas don’t match with each other. It’s like being poles apart. It leads to repulsion and enemity.

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2) Attraction: There may be people (boss, teacher, colleague, classmate, roomate) whose ideas almost match with each other. It’s like same poles. It leads to attraction and friendship.


3) The reason why, sometimes people from different countries unite in the support of a cause. It brings about social and global change.

4) The same reason why, sometimes people of different countries don’t support the same cause. It leads to disputes and wars.


Human bonding is purely governed by polarity or mentality. It’s rightly said, birds of feathers flocked together.

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One can’t change other’s pre-formed polarity or mentality. But, one can choose one’s circle of friends based on polarity or mentality, best suiting one. Choose wisely, pick or avoid people, based on human magnetism.

Be Boring!!!

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No one in the world is boring. It’s one’s own thought or thoughts of others which make one feel, one is a boring. Boring isn’t a fixed trait, it fluctuates. Everyone gets bored at times, everyone is boring that way.


Being boring is not a bad thing. It gives ample time to live freely and peacefully.

Here’s, the good side of being boring:

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1) One always has reserved “ME” Time.

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2) One learns oneself better when alone.

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3) “ME” Time or Self Time often brings out the creativity from within.


4) One moves towards self realisation and re-discovering oneself.


5) Thinking shifts from convergent to divergent type.

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6) “ME” Time or Self Time brings true happiness along with inner peace.

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7) One invests time on productive work.


8) Being boring is a way to get alot of work done.

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Being BORING is a GOOD thing if one knows how to UTILISE it. It’s an EYE OPENER which sets aside “ME” Time. So, may be everyone should TRY being BORING at times. Time to be BORING.

Chasing Dreams.


Dreams are like sunbeams, lighting lives. They keeps one going in Life and makes one feel ALIVE. It is an AMAZING feeling. Everyone is chasing some kind of dream.

Things that people usually chase:


  • Money.
  • Jobs.
  • Trends.
  • People.
  • Security.
  • Love.
  • Success.
  • Happiness.
  • Beauty.
  • Approval.
  • Material Things.


But in the process of chasing, people often miss out the most important thing. That’s PASSION. By chasing passion, one reaches a step closer to chasing one’s dreams.

Here’s, what chasing dreams does:

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1) The most passionate dreams often make people laugh.

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2) First they laugh and then they copy.

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3) It teaches to stop chasing people and start chasing dreams.

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4) It teaches taking calculated risks.


5) It teaches the art of balancing.


There’s nothing like chasing dreams. If it makes YOU forget MONEY, then ONLY it’s the most passionate dream.

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Dreams DON’T have any expiration date. Wake up-> Dream-> Follow-> REPEAT. There are a 1000 dreams to achieve in LIFE. It is NEVER too late to live them. Keep chasing DREAMS.

Suicide Prevention.

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Suicide is an act of intentionally killing oneself. It isn’t a solution. It doesn’t solve things, it complicates it further.

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The various factors responsible for suicide include:

  • Depression.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Academic pressure.
  • Work pressure.
  • Relationship issues.
  • Family pressure.
  • Schizophrenia.
  • Ragging/ Bullying.
  • Mental disorders.

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Mentally disturbed, feeling suicidal? Here’s suicide prevention that you must follow:

images (3)-11) Tell yourself, you matter. No one can play your role in this world.

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2) Don’t die. Speak up. The world needs to hear your survival story.

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3) Your problems are temporary. Time has a healing power.

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4) Remember, you have various goals. Even if one fails, that’s not the end.


5) Think of your bucket list and other wishes that’s yet to be achieved.

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6) See your family album. Remember, your family needs you the most.


7) Count your blessings. There are many who dream to have a life like yours.


8) Distract your mind. Keep your mind busy. Follow your passion like driving, gyming, check out online holy verses.

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9) Call the helpline numbers, if you still feel suicidal and helpless.

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10) Talk to others. NEVER be Alone.

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Be a SURVIVOR and not a victim. Fight back and kill suicide before it kills you. Everything HEALS with time. After the DARK, the SUN RISES again. Suicide is NOT a SOLUTION.

Why grow Up?

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Why grow up? Does growing up help in anyway? NO, it doesn’t. Infact, it makes one lose the super excited energy and positivity, which one holds as a child.


First 40 years of childhood are always the hardest. It’s essential to take up various responsibilities. DO take up responsibilities, learn to ADJUST with CHANGE, but DON’T let it CHANGE YOU.images (4)-2Luckiest are those who can manage to KEEP their inner CHILD ALIVE. If you haven’t GROWN UP by now, why even start? If you are responsible, STILL not grown up, It’s OK.


Growing up is the BIGGEST TRAP. So, let the inner HAPPY child LIVE. The ability to LIVE and enjoy LIFE like a CHILD is PRICELESS. 

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Humans NEVER really GROW UP, they only learn how to act in public. That’s the prime reason why human behaviour changes with children around.


Ageing is inevitable but Growing up is optional. LIFE is so simple when seen through the eyes of a child. So, DON’T suppress the inner CHILD in YOU. WHY do we NOT GROW UP?

Eyes See!

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Every human sees the world through their pre-conceived thoughts and ideas. It is so very true for each one of us.

Picture Test: Observe the above picture. Q) So, what do you see?

If one carefully analyses the picture, one will see:

1) Puzzles depicting challenges.

2) Index finger and thumb depicting eyes.

That’s so true for LIFE as well.


LIFE is full of challenges but that’s only the peripheral part. The closer you proceed towards LIFE, the same challenges bring out the beautiful colours from within. 

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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LIFE is BEAUTIFUL, but does one know where to look?

Look deep within. LIFE is BEAUTIFUL if one brings out the colours from within.

Q) So, what do you see now?

LIFE is challenging but that’s what makes LIFE BEAUTIFUL. Infact, every little thing in the world is beautiful if one believes it and makes one’s EYES SEE.


Finding Happiness?

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Finding Happiness? Well, one may spend 100 years looking for happiness, still not find it. It varies from person to person. It may take years, months, days, or seconds to find happiness.

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It is rightly said, Happiness is an inside job. One can find happiness in simple things, eating, sleeping, reading, writing, listening to music, taking out time for hobbies, driving, playing, or studying.

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If one waits to find happiness from outside, one will be left disappointed. Finding happiness within oneself is a challenging task, but not impossible.

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There are people who find happiness in raindrops and there are some who can’t find happiness even in rubies.


It takes years to realise, one must not find happiness, one must create it. One must learn to live and enjoy simple things in life. Go, CREATE your own HAPPINESS instead of FINDING Happiness.